The Beautiful Blue Butterfly Pea Tea.

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What is Blue Tea and why should you be drinking it?

Organic dried Butterfly Pea flower tea is a natural, blue flower tisane (herbal tea) and a health tea. It is a unique tea because of it's color changing properties. It is alkaline by nature and changes from blue to purple to pink when lemon or lime is added to it.

Some Health Benefits

Packed with antioxidants. Protects the skin and prevents pre-mature aging and wrinkles. An excellent drink for fatigue and improves night vision.

Uses for Blue Tea

As a herbal tea, as a natural food dye and as a caffeine-free health tea.

Easy to Prepare

Just boil water, pour and leave to simmer until the water is a clear blue. Simple!

Locally Sourced

Hand Grown In Ghana

Blue tea break is grown organically in Ghana to the highest standards and each bud is hand picked for quality to ensure the freshest possible tea.

The Best things in life are Blue.

The Best things in life are Blue.

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